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American Eagle’s newest fan

One of the plusses of working for Wrapp (and there are many, trust me) is that I am exposed to a variety of brands, both new and familiar to me. As the person that curates the app and puts events live, I am privy to knowing exactly when great offers are available for you. Pretty sweet gig. And while we have people testing to make sure the codes work before we set brands live, my colleague convinced me that we should test them for ourselves. We’re really dedicated to your shopping cause, and ours too! 

I have to be honest though, prior to today I was not an American Eagle Outfitters shopper. I had no aversion to the brand, I just felt I missed the boat. When I was younger there weren’t stores nearby to shop at, and as I got older, I felt too old. (I’m only 24 and can bet that I’m being dramatic.)

However, who am I to turn down shopping? Especially during lunch. On a gorgeous day. 

With our gifts of $10 off $30 in our mobile wallets, we moseyed over to American Eagle Outfitters. And was my mind blown! I wasn’t expecting to find things that would suit my style, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. I could not believe the selection of tank tops and shoes that were beckoning me in.  Rack after rack I wanted to buy buy buy! I even texted my mother to tell her how great the selection was. (And I’m pretty particular, so that’s a high compliment.)

Trying to be an adult and save money is quite difficult, especially with so many choices of cute things to buy. But I could not leave empty-handed so I opted for a super soft “HOMIE” tank top and crop-top tank. 

So while my goal was to shop for work, I ended up also finding a new brand that I like. Good for me, bad for my wallet. C’est la vie!

Can’t wait to wear these gems to work tomorrow.

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Donuts on donuts on donuts

It’s National Donut Day and we’re going crazy in the office. What better way to kick off the weekend than to stuff our faces in the Friday show-and-tell meeting than with donuts!? While we could take the easy way out and get free donuts at all of the cliche chain shops we decided to go big, and get the best there is, in San Francisco that is. 

Enter Dynamo Donuts. Yessss!

Thank you for enriching our lives with donuty goodness. Your unique combinations of bacon and sugar or chocolate and rosewater have sufficiently hit the spot and made our all-day wait worth it. It’s almost as if they were crafted especially for us. And seeing the joyful effect you’ve had on the entire Wrapp team, it’s safe to say we wish every day was Donut Day.

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A winning Mother’s day gift

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, it’s the perfect time to get the perfect gift while also one-upping my siblings as the favorite child. I know I’m actually my dad’s favorite, not my mom’s, but hey it’s always a goal worth fighting for. Like my mom always says: we play to win.

This year is the first year I’m living too far from home to give a gift in person, or for me to show up as the surprise present. (I’ve done that before, it’s definitely a great gift to keep in your back pocket.) That being said, I definitely needed to be creative.

So what do you get your mom when she has basically every material item she’d already want, but you’re also too poor to send her on relaxing vacation? Simple, go for the sentimental gifts.

Living in San Francisco actually made my life super easy being that every block in my neighborhood has stores with cute chotchkies that have sweet sayings and home accessories. Knowing that my mom is big on black, white, and charcoal, I decided on charcoal wood plank with with a quote sure to melt hearts (and most likely make my grandma cry on the spot). The next best thing to having you for a mom is knowing my children will have you for a grandma. I mean seriously, cue the waterworks. Side note: I’m not pregnant, in fact, I don’t even have a boyfriend, but it’s still sweet.

I also picked up a black and white picture frame and then printed a picture of my sister, mom and me to put in it. It’s really more my taste than hers, the pattern at least, but the colors work at home or her office, so it’s pretty versatile.

Feeling inspired by the Oreos-Skype commercial, while also still feeling like I needed to do more, I was pleasantly surprised to find Julep and Par Avion Tea gifts available in the app. Growing up my mom and I used to have a weekly Sunday evening date to drink tea and give ourselves manicures. (Well really it was a date for her to give me a manicure.) And with her newfound interest in Skype since I moved, combining the two activities seems like a match made in heaven. Using Wrapp allowed me to give my mom a variety of things that I know she will love, and I can feel guilt free about my shopping spree!

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Heartbleed and your security

As you may have heard from other sources, a security flaw in the OpenSSL software, named Heartbleed was discovered and published earlier this week. At Wrapp we take the security of your information very seriously and we immediately updated our systems to ensure that your information is safe. As part of this, we’ve logged out all of our users. The only thing you have to do is to open Wrapp and log in with Facebook again. If you log into Wrapp via email, we recommend you change your password, not just on Wrapp, but on other services as well.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@wrapp.com

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Spring revamp: getting rid of greys

This wasn’t the first time someone has told me I need to dye my grey hair, I’ve had many friends tell me they’re having a grey-tervention. But when a 13 year old girl runs up to you and yells “Oh my god! Sur Sur! You have grey hair!” it really has a way of breaking down your spirits.

I caved. I needed to do something about my grey hairs that I’ve been trying to pretend didn’t exist or weren’t noticeable for the past year. Madison Reed started running an offer for a free box of hair color on Wrapp, and like I’ve mentioned before, when your parents stop paying for things, free is always the best way to go.

I’ve never colored my hair before and I won’t lie, I did it very begrudgingly. But, Madison Reed actually made the process a lot easier, from picking the color to dying my hair.

Simply put, I went online and took the hair color quiz, chose a color, and had it sent to me with instructions on how to use it. I was also given the opportunity to speak with a color specialist to really hold my hand through the whole process.

When I first took the style quiz they suggested seven different colors, which I was pretty disappointed in, because seriously, how am I supposed to choose between seven different colors that are all variations of the same color? This would probably be great for someone who knows exactly what they want, but for me, it was generally overwhelming. This is where the hand holding kicks in – I spoke with a color specialist and told her about my woes and worries of choosing a color. The solution? She asked me to send her a picture of my hair and in return she sent me back the exact color I needed.

Two days later, at my door-step, was everything I needed to go from 45 years old back to 24. I followed the list of extremely clear instructions and viola, young again! I was especially grateful for the barrier cream and wipe included in the box, because being the non-pro that I am, I expected to finish having dyed my hair and face equal amounts.

Take a look and tell me: do you think Madison Reed looks natural and vibrant on me?


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Every girl’s (last minute) Valentine’s Day gift guide


It’s uncomfortably close to Valentine’s Day and I have yet to buy any Valentine’s gifts. I did get cards for my sisters, so I guess that’s a start? But if you’re anything like me, and felt like this was the year to procrastinate, here is the perfect gift guide for what to get your love – or your friends – for Valentine’s Day. Even if it’s last minute.

Indulge your sweet side. This year it’s all about sweet treats that you can also count as “healthy” snacks – because I’m sure you’re still pretending to keep your New Years Resolution diet. So why not keep up the charade with Shari’s Berries?

If you’re feeling creative, get some fishing gear from TackleGrab and rent a row boat for a “fishing date”. Not taking the bait on this one? Just think of how hot it will be to re-enact the best scene from The Notebook. So what if they didn’t actually go fishing in the film, if you play your cards right you probably won’t either. It’s win-win, really.

All my single ladies… I didn’t forget about you. Savor the fact that it’s a long weekend. Pack up and get away with your friends. Bring your Julep Maven boxes, Makeover Essentials, your new hair color from Madison Reed, and make over your look because when you look great, you feel great!


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The start of something new


  I feel like somewhat of a an imposter writing this post because I haven’t been at Wrapp since day one, like many of the people here have been. But I guess you’ll just have to hear this story from somewhat of a newb’s perspective.

Working hard! Who needs a desk? Not these guys.

     Big things are happening at Wrapp. It might not look like it (that part is coming soon) but Friday marks the day of the newest feature we’ve released since we launched in the United States. Now, you don’t need to ask your friends to send you gifts (it’s okay, we did it too), you can claim promotions for yourself. What’s even more awesome about this, is when you follow your favorite brands in the app, we’ll let you know when special offers are available for those brands.

     Although this might seem like a natural progression of the app, I want to tell you a little bit about what went on here to make this happen. You might not know this, but half our team works in Sweden and the other half are dispersed around the United States; oh and then there’s our token Canadian.

     On Tuesday most of us were in the same room again for the first time in a while. There wasn’t time to get reacquainted, just enough time to crank things out and tie up loose ends. We had people in the office until 1am throughout the week. It felt a lot like finals week when you’re sitting in the library in the middle of the night, friends across the table from you, bags of candy, and very little sleep all for that “A” (hopefully).

Late nights in the office. Silver lining: cuddling with Burny.

     At midnight on Friday, we literally pressed a button and all of our hard work had finally come to fruition. Looking back on it, it wasn’t the launch of a new feature that was the most emotional; it was seeing how well our team worked and created something new together. Hjalmar, our CEO, always tells us; at a start-up it isn’t the finished product that you’ll get the most worked up about, it’s remembering all the hard work and bumps along the way.

     To top it all off, the next day we moved out of our first San Francisco office across town to Potrero Hill. As cheesy as this may sound, for Wrapp we’re marking the beginning of an era. We started with promotions and our office, but it won’t stop there. We’ll continue to take your feedback and work quickly to make Wrapp the best it can be.

Literally can’t let go…. Eskil on our last day in the old office.

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Just ordered this Cory Vines racerback with my $5 gift…didn’t stop there.

     As an athlete my entire life, working out has always been a huge part of my life. During my tomboy stage, I happily went to practices in basketball shorts and old baggy t-shirts. But when I went to games, I had a ritual focused on representing my team and jersey the best I could. I shaved my legs before every game, always wore a clean jersey and clean socks (yes, clean socks were a special thing), and wouldn’t let me shoes touch a surface other than the field or court I was playing on.  My jersey was my way of proudly represented my team (be it my 8th grade basketball team that didn’t win a game, or my winning lacrosse team in college).

     Even after I grew out of my tomboy phase, my exercise clothes still consisted of ratty old t-shirts and soccer shorts from 7th grade. I turned a corner a couple of years ago when I realized two things: first and foremost, the gym is a great place to meet guys, and secondly, I know this sounds silly, but you feel more athletic and motivated when you’re wearing fitted clothing.

     Although I’m no longer on a team, what I wear when I work out is like the jersey that represents me. I know it sounds superficial but, why should what you wear when you work out not represent who you are? It’s amazing what fitted, comfortable, work out clothing can do to your routine and self esteem.


Huzzah! Cory Vines released leggings today and of course I had to buy a pair. 

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It’s what you make it…

     Surprisingly, I’ve found myself at a lot of networking events recently. I’m always forced to explain, “Rap? Wrap? Ohhh Wrapp… what is that?” At first I found myself giving the same boring response you tend to give when you’re answering the same question 50 times over the course of a night, “WraPP is a social gift giving service—you can give your friends free and paid gift cards!”

     Yes, in a vacuum, Wrapp is a social gifting service, blah, blah, blah. But apparently other people are as sick of hearing generic answers as I am, and often they delve further - but really, what is Wrapp?

     After giving this question some thought, (instead of regurgitating what our website says, which by the way, we’re changing soon!) I realized yeah, Wrapp is a social gift giving service, but that isn’t how I use it. To be totally honest, on any given day I’m not thinking, “Oh, what gift cards can I send my friends today?”

     I’m using Wrapp to find new, really awesome services and companies and share those gift cards with my friends. Before using Wrapp I wouldn’t have known about True&Co., a company I quickly fell in love with, or Clarins, whose products keep my face from breaking out, or Knoshbox, who introduced me to marshmallows that taste like Snickerdoodles (this is a very real, very delicious thing).

     It’s not that my friends don’t appreciate the H&M and Sephora gift cards I send them, but discovering and sharing new brands beats a gift card to a store where I’ve memorized the catalog. For me, Wrapp is a low risk way to try and discover new brands and share that experience with my friends.

imageThe joys of unwrapping a Knoshbox…


Still thrilled to use my H&M gift…

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