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Heartbleed and your security

As you may have heard from other sources, a security flaw in the OpenSSL software, named Heartbleed was discovered and published earlier this week. At Wrapp we take the security of your information very seriously and we immediately updated our systems to ensure that your information is safe. As part of this, we’ve logged out all of our users. The only thing you have to do is to open Wrapp and log in with Facebook again. If you log into Wrapp via email, we recommend you change your password, not just on Wrapp, but on other services as well.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@wrapp.com

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Spring revamp: getting rid of greys

This wasn’t the first time someone has told me I need to dye my grey hair, I’ve had many friends tell me they’re having a grey-tervention. But when a 13 year old girl runs up to you and yells “Oh my god! Sur Sur! You have grey hair!” it really has a way of breaking down your spirits.

I caved. I needed to do something about my grey hairs that I’ve been trying to pretend didn’t exist or weren’t noticeable for the past year. Madison Reed started running an offer for a free box of hair color on Wrapp, and like I’ve mentioned before, when your parents stop paying for things, free is always the best way to go.

I’ve never colored my hair before and I won’t lie, I did it very begrudgingly. But, Madison Reed actually made the process a lot easier, from picking the color to dying my hair.

Simply put, I went online and took the hair color quiz, chose a color, and had it sent to me with instructions on how to use it. I was also given the opportunity to speak with a color specialist to really hold my hand through the whole process.

When I first took the style quiz they suggested seven different colors, which I was pretty disappointed in, because seriously, how am I supposed to choose between seven different colors that are all variations of the same color? This would probably be great for someone who knows exactly what they want, but for me, it was generally overwhelming. This is where the hand holding kicks in – I spoke with a color specialist and told her about my woes and worries of choosing a color. The solution? She asked me to send her a picture of my hair and in return she sent me back the exact color I needed.

Two days later, at my door-step, was everything I needed to go from 45 years old back to 24. I followed the list of extremely clear instructions and viola, young again! I was especially grateful for the barrier cream and wipe included in the box, because being the non-pro that I am, I expected to finish having dyed my hair and face equal amounts.

Take a look and tell me: do you think Madison Reed looks natural and vibrant on me?


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Every girl’s (last minute) Valentine’s Day gift guide


It’s uncomfortably close to Valentine’s Day and I have yet to buy any Valentine’s gifts. I did get cards for my sisters, so I guess that’s a start? But if you’re anything like me, and felt like this was the year to procrastinate, here is the perfect gift guide for what to get your love – or your friends – for Valentine’s Day. Even if it’s last minute.

Indulge your sweet side. This year it’s all about sweet treats that you can also count as “healthy” snacks – because I’m sure you’re still pretending to keep your New Years Resolution diet. So why not keep up the charade with Shari’s Berries?

If you’re feeling creative, get some fishing gear from TackleGrab and rent a row boat for a “fishing date”. Not taking the bait on this one? Just think of how hot it will be to re-enact the best scene from The Notebook. So what if they didn’t actually go fishing in the film, if you play your cards right you probably won’t either. It’s win-win, really.

All my single ladies… I didn’t forget about you. Savor the fact that it’s a long weekend. Pack up and get away with your friends. Bring your Julep Maven boxes, Makeover Essentials, your new hair color from Madison Reed, and make over your look because when you look great, you feel great!


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The start of something new


  I feel like somewhat of a an imposter writing this post because I haven’t been at Wrapp since day one, like many of the people here have been. But I guess you’ll just have to hear this story from somewhat of a newb’s perspective.

Working hard! Who needs a desk? Not these guys.

     Big things are happening at Wrapp. It might not look like it (that part is coming soon) but Friday marks the day of the newest feature we’ve released since we launched in the United States. Now, you don’t need to ask your friends to send you gifts (it’s okay, we did it too), you can claim promotions for yourself. What’s even more awesome about this, is when you follow your favorite brands in the app, we’ll let you know when special offers are available for those brands.

     Although this might seem like a natural progression of the app, I want to tell you a little bit about what went on here to make this happen. You might not know this, but half our team works in Sweden and the other half are dispersed around the United States; oh and then there’s our token Canadian.

     On Tuesday most of us were in the same room again for the first time in a while. There wasn’t time to get reacquainted, just enough time to crank things out and tie up loose ends. We had people in the office until 1am throughout the week. It felt a lot like finals week when you’re sitting in the library in the middle of the night, friends across the table from you, bags of candy, and very little sleep all for that “A” (hopefully).

Late nights in the office. Silver lining: cuddling with Burny.

     At midnight on Friday, we literally pressed a button and all of our hard work had finally come to fruition. Looking back on it, it wasn’t the launch of a new feature that was the most emotional; it was seeing how well our team worked and created something new together. Hjalmar, our CEO, always tells us; at a start-up it isn’t the finished product that you’ll get the most worked up about, it’s remembering all the hard work and bumps along the way.

     To top it all off, the next day we moved out of our first San Francisco office across town to Potrero Hill. As cheesy as this may sound, for Wrapp we’re marking the beginning of an era. We started with promotions and our office, but it won’t stop there. We’ll continue to take your feedback and work quickly to make Wrapp the best it can be.

Literally can’t let go…. Eskil on our last day in the old office.

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Just ordered this Cory Vines racerback with my $5 gift…didn’t stop there.

     As an athlete my entire life, working out has always been a huge part of my life. During my tomboy stage, I happily went to practices in basketball shorts and old baggy t-shirts. But when I went to games, I had a ritual focused on representing my team and jersey the best I could. I shaved my legs before every game, always wore a clean jersey and clean socks (yes, clean socks were a special thing), and wouldn’t let me shoes touch a surface other than the field or court I was playing on.  My jersey was my way of proudly represented my team (be it my 8th grade basketball team that didn’t win a game, or my winning lacrosse team in college).

     Even after I grew out of my tomboy phase, my exercise clothes still consisted of ratty old t-shirts and soccer shorts from 7th grade. I turned a corner a couple of years ago when I realized two things: first and foremost, the gym is a great place to meet guys, and secondly, I know this sounds silly, but you feel more athletic and motivated when you’re wearing fitted clothing.

     Although I’m no longer on a team, what I wear when I work out is like the jersey that represents me. I know it sounds superficial but, why should what you wear when you work out not represent who you are? It’s amazing what fitted, comfortable, work out clothing can do to your routine and self esteem.


Huzzah! Cory Vines released leggings today and of course I had to buy a pair. 

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It’s what you make it…

     Surprisingly, I’ve found myself at a lot of networking events recently. I’m always forced to explain, “Rap? Wrap? Ohhh Wrapp… what is that?” At first I found myself giving the same boring response you tend to give when you’re answering the same question 50 times over the course of a night, “WraPP is a social gift giving service—you can give your friends free and paid gift cards!”

     Yes, in a vacuum, Wrapp is a social gifting service, blah, blah, blah. But apparently other people are as sick of hearing generic answers as I am, and often they delve further - but really, what is Wrapp?

     After giving this question some thought, (instead of regurgitating what our website says, which by the way, we’re changing soon!) I realized yeah, Wrapp is a social gift giving service, but that isn’t how I use it. To be totally honest, on any given day I’m not thinking, “Oh, what gift cards can I send my friends today?”

     I’m using Wrapp to find new, really awesome services and companies and share those gift cards with my friends. Before using Wrapp I wouldn’t have known about True&Co., a company I quickly fell in love with, or Clarins, whose products keep my face from breaking out, or Knoshbox, who introduced me to marshmallows that taste like Snickerdoodles (this is a very real, very delicious thing).

     It’s not that my friends don’t appreciate the H&M and Sephora gift cards I send them, but discovering and sharing new brands beats a gift card to a store where I’ve memorized the catalog. For me, Wrapp is a low risk way to try and discover new brands and share that experience with my friends.

imageThe joys of unwrapping a Knoshbox…


Still thrilled to use my H&M gift…

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Becoming a woman/adult?


     I need to stop doing this—these late night I-really-totally-need-this purchases. But nevertheless, it happened again. I lay in bed, think of things I need, and use my Wrapp gifts to buy them. You probably think I’m kidding, but I’m not.

     But in my defense, my best friend who works in fashion and is all things put together and clean came to visit last weekend and asked to borrow my face wash. I recently (okay fine, a month ago) ran out of face wash and failed to restock. Like they had been rehearsing it, my roommate and best friend both chimed, “What kind of self respecting adult doesn’t have face wash?!” My answer: the busy, I was lucky and born with awesome skin kind.

     Then they started talking about serums and wrinkles and all the other things that come with not turning 21. At this point I realized, fuck, we’re not young anymore. The truth is, and I can’t believe I’m admitting this to you guys, I’m getting grey hair and my once (tooting my own horn here) perfect skin has been acting less than perfect.

     This brings me back to my late night online shopping situation. But to preface this even more, I’ve been a loyal Murad fan since I was 14 years old. But when your parents aren’t buying your face wash anymore you start finding ways to spend less than $50 on face wash. Shocking, right? I’d never actually heard of Clarins, probably because I’m a beauty hermit, but I had a Wrapp gift and started browsing. After spending an hour reading reviews, I ordered the One-Step (because who has time for more than that?) Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser. I love a good exfoliant for two reasons: 1) it really feels like you’re scrubbing your face 2) your skin feels like a baby’s ass after.

     So Friday after work my face wash arrives. Being your average twenty something year old, I put on my party dress, threw on my hot girl face, and got my drank on. You should know, my face was caked, people.

     We went out and did our whole having fun in our mid twenties ordeal and when we got back, I needed to wash my face. First Mattie, my roommate, washed her face with a Khiel’s face wash, but she still had a couple layers of eye make-up on. Obviously, my first thought was, here try my new face wash. Alas, her face was totally clean. But you can’t pass judgment on a face wash that worked after someone had already washed their face once. My fully made up, greasy after a night of drinking and pizza (oh, did I not mention the pizza?), face was the going to be the real test.

     I scrubbed, as you can see, rinsed, and voila, I no longer looked somewhat like a raccoon (come on, girls, you know what I’m talking about). What I loved most about this face wash was that, unlike my old Murad exfoliant, the beads are bigger and your face feels truly exfoliated after. (Note: if you decide to buy this product, a little really does go a long way!) And what was even better—I woke up the next morning and my face still felt as clean as the night before. My skin felt soft, smooth, and tight all over; my make-up was gone; and now I could call myself a self-respecting adult.

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Allison Batista: Renting the Runway


     I can specifically remember the first time I heard of Rent The Runway (RTR). A devout Gossip Girl fan, I was watching a season 4 episode and saw one of the characters use a RTR garment bag. Naturally, I decided to Google what RTR was. Obviously if the company had earned an advertising spot on my favorite television show, it was worth checking out.

     I came across a massive collection of designer dresses and accessories I certainly didn’t expect. I have to admit, I love all things fashion just as much as I love all things Gossip Girl, so as you can imagine, I was in heaven. I loved looking at all of the dresses and learning about the company’s concept. Rent a designer dress for a fraction of the cost? I had never heard of such an idea before.

     However, I was hesitant to pull the trigger and actually rent a dress. I didn’t exactly have the most glamorous events lined up in my calendar, and as much as I wanted to wear a Kate Spade cocktail dress out to my next college house party, it just didn’t seem appropriate. I decided to pass on renting, but certainly kept RTR in mind. I signed up for their email notifications to keep them on my back burner.

     Suddenly, RTR was everywhere. I couldn’t watch a YouTube video or go on one of my favorite online shopping sites without seeing their advertisement. I decided that for my next major event, I would rent. Luckily for me, my birthday was just around the corner, and I had just received a generous $50 off your order promo code for my birthday; thanks to the lovely RTR emails I had signed up for months before.

     This would be it, I was going to rent something sparkly and fun and perfect for my February birthday. Because come on, no one wants to be seen in a once worn before dress on their birthday, especially if they’re going to be photographed.

     I decided on a long sleeve Mark & James by Badgley Mischka copper sequined dress. It was appropriate for not only the weather, but for a night out in the city for my birthday. I rented a small, my usual size, and was excited when I was given the option of a second free backup size, just in case. I went with the XS and I’m so thankful I did. The cut of the dress left the S being a bit too big on me, and the XS fitting just right.

    I was in love with the dress the second I tried it on and even happier with my decision when I walked into the room. The amount of compliments I received all night from friends and perfect strangers was astonishing. Never before had I been commended for a fashion choice as much as I was that night. I sent the dress back at the end of the weekend knowing that it wouldn’t be the last time.

     My friends and I have the best, the biggest, the most versatile, and the most convenient closet out of anyone we know because we rent from RTR and I know that none of us would have it any other way.

A special thanks to Allison Batista for her contribution to the Wrapp Blog.

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How I fell in love with True & Co.


     This weekend, I discovered my newfound obsession with True & Co. I honestly feel like I’d be doing all of my friends wrong by not telling them about this more convenient than a microwave service. I’m going to warn you, the story of how I fell in love includes some personal details. But we’re all friends here, right? 

     It all started late at night one night when I realized all my underwear is about four years old, ripped, and generally dingy. None of it was something I could put on and think, hey, I look sexy. What I was working with made me think more along the lines of wow, these actually look like they’ve been rubbing up against my butt for four years. Anyway, moving on, I had this revelation that I was somewhat of an adult and should probably have non-holey underwear.

     Obviously, my first thought was: how can I buy underwear without dropping a million dollars. My second thought was: when am I actually going to find time to go shopping?

     A friend of mine sent me a True & Co. gift on Wrapp and I thought, heck, why not? So I go to the True & Co. website and am immediately annoyed when I’m prompted to take a quiz about how my bra fits. I decide to stick it out because getting $15 off underwear is really worth it to me. And now begins the love affair. I actually had fun taking this quiz. I learned things about bras and boobs while I took a short quiz about how my current bras fit.  True & Co., get this, then fits you for a bra. Online. It’s amazing.

     After taking the quiz, I got to look at all the pretty bras only in my size. After briefly browsing, I went straight for the goal: panties! I got to choose from again, only my size, panties. I ordered a Best Lace Thong Brights 3-pack, the Floral Lace Boyshorts, and the Cloud Swing Panties.


     A couple days later, my package arrived. Hooray! I was ready to feel attractive again. I completely overlooked this when first registering, but True & Co. will also send you five bras for you to try on and send back free of charge. I won’t lie, normally I hate when companies try to sell me things I don’t need. But I caved, I tried on the bras, and you know what? They were amazing. I didn’t know how poorly my bras were fitting until I tried on bras that fit me perfectly. No back fat, no space between my cup and boob, not too tight on the shoulder, just perfect.

     And you know what the best part of all of this is? Instead of spending a day of my precious weekend walking through a crowded store blindly trying on bras, I got to spend my weekend hanging out with my friends and had the perfect bras delivered to my door.