Terms of Service

1. General
1. These Terms of Service (the ”TOS”) are applicable in relation to Wrapp Operations Sweden AB’s (“Wrapp”), corporate registration number 556868-5712, with registered address at Mäster Samuelsgatan 42, 111 57 Stockholm, Sweden, provision of a service for rewards and cashbacks which is linked to the users debit card or credit card (the “Service”). 2. In order to obtain access to the Service, you must accept to be bound by this TOS. If you do not accept these TOS you may not use the Service and Wrapp reserves the right to block you from the Service.
2. The Service
1. In order to access the Service you must download the Wrapp app (the “App”) to your mobile device and register as a user of the Service in the App. Further you will need to link your existing debit card or credit card to the Service or apply for a new card that is issued by a card issuer that Wrapp cooperates with. 2. On the basis of your consent the card issuer of your card (the "Issuer") will disclose to Wrapp information about the purchases that you make using your linked card(s), such as purchase amount and merchant information (“Transaction Data”), your card details and bank account number linked to the linked card(s). You hereby accept and agree that the Issuer may disclose your Transaction Data, card details and bank account number linked to the respective card(s) to Wrapp. Based on your Transaction Data and the information that you provide in connection with registration for the Service you will be entitled to cashbacks and several types of rewards from Wrapp and different merchants that Wrapp cooperates with (“Merchants”). Payment of cashbacks is made by Wrapp on its own account and not from or on behalf of the Merchants. Please see to Section 10 below for information about how Wrapp will use the information received through your use of the Service.
3. Registration
1. Upon your registration in the App you are required to provide the following mandatory information (“User Information”): (1) Full name (2) Personal ID number (3) Email address belonging to you as a user (4) Mobile phone number belonging to you as a user 2. You are required to inform Wrapp in case any User Information changes. Wrapp reserves the right to deny or cancel your registration in case any User Information is found to be incorrect. 3. By linking your card to Wrapp you agree and accept that the Issuer or its sub-contractor will transfer information about the card (card number) and the transactions made by using your card, such as purchase amount, place of purchase and date and time of purchase toWrapp for the purpose of enabling Wrapp to provide you with customized rewards. Wrapp will thus be the data controller (Sw: personuppgiftsansvarig) of such information and solely responsible for the processing of such information in accordance with your request and consent.
4. Use of the Service
1. You are required to follow and adhere to the guidelines and regulations of the Service and also those regulations that are stated by the Issuer from time to time. 2. The Service requires that you have mobile Bank-ID installed on your mobile device. 3. It is strictly prohibited to copy, modify, distribute or publish content that is provided by Wrapp in the App, on the Website or otherwise.
5. Rewards from Merchants
The rewards that you may receive from Merchants may be subject to special terms and conditions. You will be informed about these terms and conditions in the App or through an external link. You are responsible for being fully aware of these terms and conditions. Wrapp does not assume any responsibility or liability for any malfunctions or deficiencies in the goods and services provided by Merchants or any lack of action on the part of Merchants.
6. Fees
1. Your use of the Service is free of charge. Fees to your mobile operator or Internet supplier are charged separately without any involvement by Wrapp. 2.The Issuer of your card may charge separate fees. These fees are set forth in the terms and conditions of the respective Issuers.
7. Customer Services and Complaints
Customer services and complaints are handled through email. A particular matter is regarded as received by Wrapp when the matter has been submitted in a correct manner and clearly states the name of the user and relevant information about the matter at hand. Wrapp strives to handle customer service and complaint matters within 2-3 working days.
8. Term and Termination
1. You are entitled to cease using the Service at any time by unsubscribing in the App. Wrapp will then erase your personal information from its systems and anonymize all existing Transaction Data. 2. Wrapp reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to the Service in case of any misuse of the Service, any violation of these TOS or in case your use of the Service, in Wrapp’s sole opinion, may cause harm to Wrapp, a Merchant or any third party. In case Wrapp detects a repeated fraudulent use of the Services, Wrapp reserves the right to report such behavior to relevant authorities.
9. Liability
1. Wrapp’s ambition is that the Service will function properly and that it will be continuously updated. However, Wrapp does not guarantee that the Service will be accessible at all times and Wrapp assumes no liability in case the Service is temporarily out of order. 2. Wrapp does not assume any liability for any direct or indirect costs that may arise out of the use of the Service. This limitation does not apply if Wrapp has acted grossly negligent or with willful intent. 3. The user is liable for any damages that are caused to Wrapp and/or Merchants through a breach of these TOS or misuse of the Service.
10. Personal Data
When you use the Service, Wrapp will collect and process your personal data. Such collection and processing is made in accordance with our Privacy Policy (https://www.wrapp.com/terms/privacy-policy.html). Please read the Privacy Policy carefully.
11. Cookies
Wrapp uses cookies in the App and on the Site in order to improve your customer experience when using the Service. If you set your mobile device or your web browser not to accept cookies the Service will not function as intended.
12. Intellectual Property
The trademarks and other intellectual property in the App and on the Site is protected by local and internationals laws. Any unauthorized use of this intellectual property is strictly prohibited and may entail liability for damages.
13. Changes of ToS
Wrapp reserves the right to change these TOS at any time. You will be informed of any changes hereof in advance and a change will enter into force when accepted by the user. If you do not accept a change of the TOS, you are no longer entitled to use the Service. Wrapp further reserves the right, without any prior notice, to change the contents in the App and on the Site and the functionality of the Service.
14. Disputes
Any dispute of in connection with these TOS and your use of the Service shall be settled by the ordinary courts of Sweden.