The New Standard for rewarding loyal customers and gain new ones

Cookies and retargeting are so 2015

Ads stalking people based on random browsing history. Spam overflowing inboxes with offers for junk. Decks of plastic cards with junk bond points. What is the point with coupons and vouchers, if they are not found when it’s time to use them. Consumers feel tricked if they buy and ignored if they don’t. And businesses pile their marketing budgets into a fog, relying on mere luck to reach someone who might actually buy at the them based on advertising.

Time for something new?

It’s time to end this era of poor marketing. We strive to build relationships between brands and people based on mutual respect.

It’s time for a new standard. “It's time for Wrapp.”

Wrapp is the app that puts the purchasing power in the hands of consumers and helps brands to engage via meaningful marketing. Based on the customer's purchase behavior, we enable via card transactions merchants to reward their customers based on actual buying behavior. Or simply put: We connect the merchants with their customers and offer them a way to say thank you and welcome back.

Real targeting based on payment history

Wrapp connects the user’s payment card, and rewards the customer based on actual buying behaviour. The point? Businesses can be sure to only reach and reward customers who are interested in what they sell. And consumers only get rewards from brands they’re interested in. Flipping the coin it also means that merchants can now reach out to customers that haven't shopped with them.

It’s cash

All rewards on Wrapp are cashback rewards. Never another voucher or point or coupon. Sometimes it’s a percentage of the purchase value, sometimes it’s an exact figure in the local currency. But it’s always real money going back to the user's payment card. To use on whatever the user likes. Unconditionally.

It’s automatic

Loyalty programs are rarely effortless. Customers must remember their offers and prove their memberships at the checkout, and companies need to maintain complex systems. With Wrapp, it’s different. It works in the background, constantly. Whenever our users pay with their cards — online or offline — it checks for rewards. And if there’s one to claim, Wrapp makes sure the cashback is transferred to the user’s payment card account. Automatically.

It’s private

People who trust their banks to be secure, can also trust us being we are a trusted partner and some of our owners are banks. As the new standard for consumer rewards, some of Scandinavia’s biggest banks, including Nordea and Danske Bank, have also become partners in Wrapp. But the only time the app uses any card details is the one time it’s synced to the app. Wrapp borrows the user’s transactions and promises in return real money.

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