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Wrapp is The New Standard of transaction-driven marketing (TDM). Transaction-driven marketing hereafter referred to as TDM means marketing via customers’ transaction data. This means the users connect their payment cards to the Wrapp platform and receives in return rewards meaning real money. Brands can now reach out to desired target audiences. Either the ones buying at them or the ones they would like to be buying at them. TDM takes into account previous purchase behaviour and provides a new way of predicting and affecting upcoming behaviour. Simply put, we give consumers meaningful rewards, and provide the merchants with the most efficient way reach out to their desired audience and convert intent into actual sales.

Wrapp For User

You get automatic rewards when you use your payment card, and with rewards, we mean cash, not vouchers or coupons, but real money. The rewards are directly from the businesses and brands you love. The ones who actually want to reward and say “thank you” for being their customer.

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Wrapp for Businesses

W4B offers a way to target based on actual purchase behavior meaning individual transaction data. Either the ones already buying or the ones you would like to be buying. This way we can be sure you only reach and reward customers who are interested in what you sell. With W4B you get valuable insights regarding customer base, desired target audience, market share and your campaign performance - based on real purchase data - enabling your business to convert intent into actual sales.

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